Everything Apple from last week (in 90 seconds)

Missed the Apple i-Phone 6 and Apple Watch launch last week? Don’t worry, the highlights in 90 seconds…


What will Apple launch today?

The excitement is building…i-phone 6 or i-watch or a new i-pad? Or all of these??!

Apple Event

Reading Time in Tutor this morning – blissful!

Tutor time today was awesome! 15 mins of reading! To the students who were asking, I was reading “An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth” by Chris Hadfield. Completely recommended. In fact here’s the guy himself giving a brilliant and really inspirational talk…

Market Mapping and Segmentation Lesson

segment lesson

Controlled Assessment Summer 2015


Why must Businesses understand customer needs?

customer needs lesson

First HBEC capture sheet

Year 9 and 10 “Tackk” project…

Y9s and 10s begin work for next year by building 22 fantastic one page websites via tackk.com…check it out by clicking on the image below -



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